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                 Welcome to reunionsworld.com

High School Reunions ONLINE,  the web site dedicated to keeping friends connected.  Our services provide you the opportunity to keep in touch with high school friends and classmates long after graduation and reunions.  [Our original website www.reunionswel.com is inactive - it just links to this page.]

Visit your High School Reunion ONLINE school site.  If you, your school or your graduation class reunion are not listed, select one of our services to get back in touch with your classmates and friends today!

You can do any or all of the following:

   1.  List your name in your grad class directory so that your  
            classmates can get in touch with you.
   2.  Apply for your personal page to be linked to your
           grad  class directory so that your classmates can follow
           your life and achievements.
Register your or your grad class' next reunion
          date and list reunion plans or request info about them. 
   4.  Apply for a full website with all of its special features
          for your grad class.
   5.  See if your grad class has scheduled a reunion.  
   6.  Update address information you previously posted on
           your class directory. 
   7.  Update reunion information previously posted on your
           grad class announcement page.
   8.  Post an ad to connect with your long lost friends.
   9.  Post an ad for missing heirs, witnesses, children.  
10.  Post a free notice for military reunions.
11.  Locate resources such as reunion planners, facilities
          and merchandisers for your reunion. 
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13.  Locate lost rings or their owners.

Where should I get listed?
Go to Surprise!

Your first step will be to visit your own school site.  If your school is not listed, select one of our services, described above, to get back in touch today!

If you can't find your grad class in our directory,   and don't know when or where your reunion will be -  read the Q & A.

                      News and Notes   

Your webmaster is on MTV.  He has been appearing for more than two years as the superhero Kryptoman in the hit rock music video by 3 Doors Down, in celebration of their song "Kryptonite".  Look for him now in your dance clubs and gyms as Dr. Amazing in the new techno/disco music video "Why Can't You Free Some Time" by Armand Van Helden.  He also has been featured as the hypnotist on "Blind Date" and on "DisMissed,"   and now on a MAACO commercial with Bert Reynolds.

Delta Secondary of Hamilton, Ontario celebrated its 75th Anniversary.  Your webmaster has recorded the event with photos.